Business Consultant

M.Eng. Khubaib Alaswad


Business and Marketing Consultant, Management and Marketing Sciences Trainer, and Businessman with more than 8 years of experience.

Early life

Khubaib Alaswad was born on December 18, in the Jordan capital Amman. He was first directed toward Construction works by his father and some main contractors in Jordan. He was interested in buildings and designing then began to work in several places and companies in Jordan, which are credited with giving him the "real training", eventually molding his style and system.

Academic life

He started the first step of his academic path during studying Civil engineering study at "Luminus technical university college" and graduated in 2016 from Amman-Jordan. Khubaib Alaswad believes that he should use all his time to develop himself, therefore, he moved to Germany in 2018 to continue his study in Civil Engineering at FHWS University, then he graduated in 2020. During Covid-19, he decided to make the quarantine time useful, therefore he studied MBA at FHWS Würzburg University in Germany and graduated in 2021. ​


In 2010 Khubaib Alaswad developed his father's work for Roof tiles to be a company despite his young age but his ambition led him to progress. 2013 was a year of accomplishment for him when he started the Construction Company, which was called at that time '' Khubaib Alaswad for Contracting works''. In 2019 he and his brother '' Eng. Suhaib Alaswad'' evolved the construction company into " Creative Minds for real estate development ". 2021 was the date of birth of IBTIKAR for Business and Marketing consultations, he create IBTIKAR to leave a mark and help startups and medium-sized companies to develop their project effectively. Creating ''Alaswad Group'' was to merge all the companies under one brand Name.

" Success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful "

M.Eng. Khubaib Alaswad

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